The Gore 17” Small Tool Chest is designed for the woodworker or craftsman who is on the go.

Tool chests are wonderful ways to store, carry, and protect your tools.  The reality of any tool chest is they can become outrageously heavy the more tools you put in them.  And many times, woodworkers do not need to be toting around a full arsenal of hand tools.

This chest fulfills that need by being small, yet functional.

So why do you need this chest?

At 17” long, 7 ¼” wide, and 4” tall, this chest is the dovetail saw of tool chests.  It will hold a limited set of tools to perform the most basic woodworking needs. For the woodworker on the go, it’s a perfect fit.

Here is a list of some of the tools that this chest will hold:

  • Jack Plane
  • Smoothing plane
  • Block plane
  • Dovetail saw
  • Chisels
  • Carving gouges
  • Marking and layout tools
  • Hammers
  • wrenches

This tool chest/tote is designed to limit the amount of tools you can store in it. It reduces the weight, is easy to transport, and stays in the functional realm of what it will carry.

The “On the Go” Woodworker

The reality in today’s world is that people are busy. Between work and kids, life moves pretty fast. Time is at a premium. And not everyone has the time or space to build a large tool chest. There are also times woodworking tasks do not require every tool in the chest. Just a small, limited number.  Or those that are job specific.

The Gore 17” Small Tool Chest allows for any one on the go to collect the basic tools they need, in order to get a specific job done. It’s is also great for filling up with tools, and sitting it on your bench–right there at arms reach. All of this can be done without lugging around a large, heavy tool chest.

Did I mention carving and color?

The relief carving and color is a custom, aesthetic addition that I put on all of my chest. It allows for customization of the tool chests, making each one unique and different.  Is it necessary to the function of the chest?  Nope.  Does it look beautiful?  That’s for you to decide.

Here’s the deal.  The chest itself is a functional tool.  It allows the tools we love to be stored, and carried without the fear of being damaged.

The carving and color is added to not only look beautiful. It is meant to inspire quality craftsmanship. And to be a visual reminder that creativity is only limited by your imagination.

Prices vary based on design.

Be Creative. Go Bold