Ornamental Wood Boxes

Boxes are fun objects that we live with everyday.  These shapes while simple in form, can become very complex. You’ve heard of the expression, “Think outside the box”.  This saying transcends time and can have a variety of meanings.  This is my version.

My ornamental carved boxes are constructed of maple.  I then relief carve the exterior in abstract and varying patterns using series of gouges, chisels, and pyrography.  Once carved, I add a series of color.  Thus creating bold, beautiful patterns, shapes, and shadows.  All intended to be aestitically appealing.  And evoke exploration through sight and touch.

What are some applications for a carved box?

While these boxes are simple in form, they can be used for a variety of applications.  Here are a few that come to mind:

*  Home Decoration

*  Functional Art

*  Dresser Caddy

*  Keep Sake Box

*  Jewelry Box

 But don’t stop there.  Think beyond functional use.  This is an opportunity for you, the creative mind, to build a custom gift for your loved one that is unique and one of a kind.

So how can you the visionary and creator customize these boxes to make them unique?

While carving and color is the means to an end.  You still have to start with an idea–a concept to put on the exterior.  Here are few that come to mind, but are not to:

*  Names

*  Military Service Branch

*  First Responders (Police, Fire, EMS)

*  Coat of Arms

*  Job Titles

Bottom line.  Anything you’re proud of, or that you find aestetically appealing.

As you consider whether this type of custom work is for you.  It is my sincere hope that these ornamental boxes will become heirloom quality pieces that your family will enjoy for generations.

Be Creative. Go Bold